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جيڪڏهن زمين جي همواري گهربل معيار مطابق ڪئي وڃي ته نه صرف پاڻيءَ جي بچت ٿيندي ، بلڪه ان سان زمين جي خاصيت به تبديل ٿي ويندي
Director General AEWM Sindh
Director General
Agricultural Engineering & Water Management Sindh Hyderabad
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Tractor Scheme [2018]
         Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project

The development objective for the Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project for Pakistan is to improve irrigation water management at tertiary and field levels in Sindh. The project supports efficient management of scarce water resources at the tertiary and field level where water losses are highest together with promotion of high efficiency irrigation system and improved irrigation agronomy, the project is designed to augment adaptation under different climate change scenarios. The project has four components. (1) The community water infrastructure improvement component consists of three subcomponents: A1 will assist Government of Sindh efforts to: improve and rehabilitate tertiary distribution level water courses. Activities under this component will include farmer mobilization, establishment of Water Course Associations (WCAs) and their registration, survey and design, and construction. A2 will increase the resilience of the rural poor to floods through the strengthening of flood mitigation measures, including the establishment of shelters. A3 will finance the provision of supervision and implementation assistance consultants (PSIAC) for project design and construction supervision for activities under Component A. (2) Promotion and installation of high efficiency irrigation systems component will support: installation of HEIS drippers and bubblers for growing high value crops on irrigated and irrigable land; provide technical assistance packages to farmers on operations and maintenance of HEIS; and provide additional training and assistance to farmers in the use of HEIS by specialists and consultants. (3) Improved agriculture practices component will provide laser guided land leveling equipment and associated deep ripping equipment, and will facilitate training in the use of deep ripping equipment. (4) Project management, monitoring and evaluation.
Basic Information:
Project ID P145813
Status Active
Approval Date March 20, 2015
Closing Date December 31, 2021
Country Pakistan
Region South Asia
Environmental Category B
Irrigation and drainage 65%
Public administration- Agriculture, fishing and forestry 17%
Crops 10%
Flood protection 8%
Water resource management 60%
Rural services and infrastructure 40%
Source: Worldbank
Project Director SIAPEP
Project Director
Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Project [SIAPEP]
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Agricultural Engineering & Water Management Sindh is a unique wing of Agriculture Department, Government of Sindh which provides technical services for enhancement and promotion of Agriculture sector in Sindh.
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